Tk (framework)

Tk is an open source, cross-platform widget toolkit, that is, a library of basic elements for building a graphical user interface (GUI). Tk provides a number of widgets commonly needed to develop desktop applications such as button, menu, canvas, text, frame, label etc. Tk has been ported to run on most flavors of Linux, Apple Macintosh, Unix, and Windows. Since Tcl/Tk 8, it offers "native look and feel" (for instance, menus and buttons are displayed in the manner of "native" software for any given platform). Also, there are several extensions to provide external drag-and-drop, non-rectangular windows, and native widgets. A new theming engine called Tk Tile is included in the 8.5 release. Like Tcl, Tk supports Unicode within the Basic Multilingual Plane but it has not yet been extended to handle 32-bit Unicode. On *nix systems, Tk 8.4 and below still use bitmap fonts, but Tk 8.5 uses anti-aliased fonts.

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